Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Family Gathering

During Christmas break, we drove down to Pennsylvania for a rare gathering of Dan's family...Dan's parents (from Florida), Dan's sister, husband and 3 children (from Pennsylvania) and Dan's brother, wife and 2 kids (from Idaho).

One would think that spending a week in a house with 16 people (8 of which are under the age of 9) would eventually lead to insanity, but it was suprisingly mellow and very enjoyable. The "cousins" had a great time playing and acted as if no time had ever passed since they'd last seen each other. Even the adults were able to relax a bit, although admittedly a lot of time was spent in the kitchen working on the never ending chore of feeding 16 people. It was a running joke for us to watch a platter of cookies or snacks be put down on the table and disappear within minutes!

Thank you to Diane and Brian for hosting and thank you to everyone for the very special memories.

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