Sunday, June 29, 2008

Father/Daughter Dance 2008

Megan, Abby and Lauren

Grampy and Daddy doing the chicken dance?? Can you say...Embarassing!!

Sometimes the highly stressful, time sucking job of being PTO President for my daughter's school actually allows me and other dedicated parents to host an event that makes me remember why it's all worth while.

Our bi-annual Father/Daughter Dance is such a big success!! Little girls dressed in pretty prom-like dresses with their hair and nails done "just so". They arrive, get their photograph's taken and begin to mingle with their friends. Flash forward an hour and you'll find the DJ has gained super stardom popularity and the gym is crowded with dads, grandfathers and uncles who stand around the perimeter with their hands in their pockets looking awfully uncomfortable and totally ignored...until a rare slow song makes it way into the rotation!!!

Truly memorable.

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