Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Camp

If there was ever a year that you can mark as the year a child grew up, this would be the one for Megan. So many discoveries, understandings and firsts. Like her first time at Summer (overnight) camp!

She and one of her best friends, Lexi, spent 3 nights at the Girl Scout Camp, Green Eyrie in MA. It was a short stay meant as an introductory, and they had a really great time! They spent most of their time on the lake swimming and boating, but also enjoying themed meals and campfire songs.


Sleeping (for lack of a better term since no real sleep actually occurred) in a tent with 4 other girls and no adults!

The shock of what an outhouse really looks and smells like!

That there could actually be THAT many mosquitoes in one place at one time!

The "shipwreck" dinner that was to be eaten using only Kitchen utensils (Megan received a spoon the size of her face and Lexi got a whisk and they report their friend got a rolling pin!)

Best of all was the realization that there is an entire world beyond your door that is just waiting to be explored!!

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