Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lauren's Turn

Hot Tub anyone?
Bunny Ears
Lounging in Papa's pool
Lauren and her daddy
Being Chosen to feed and give commands to Dolphins
Lifelong childhood memory
Lauren and her grandparents
Toes in the ocean

Like big sister Megan before her, Lauren was able to get her chance to go on a special father/daughter trip to Florida to visit Papa and Grammie Diane. I've never seen nor heard (for hours, no, days, mind you) her so excited!! I suppose it's just the kind of one on one attention a middle child craves.

Throughout the trip, Dan would text me pictures of all they were doing whether it be swimming, boating, visiting forts, feeding dolphins or arts and crafts with Grammie. Dan said she had the time of her life, but boy did it wipe her out...she slept for what seemed like days upon her return, albeit with a huge smile on her face and the warm glow of sun on her skin.

Thank you Grammie and Papa for the wonderful memories...It's now Katelyn's turn to anxiously await her time for this special trip!

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