Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer Camp

Nestled Deep In The Berkshire Mountains

Girl scout camp again this year,
There's nothing there for you to fear.
Be brave and bold for goodness sakes,
There’s only frogs, turtles, birds and snakes.

The clouds are white and the sky is blue,
Perhaps a frog will hop in your shoe.

Did you play tricks on your girl scout leaders?
Stay away from those pesky moskeeters.

Are you fed well, is the food to your liking?
Are you having fun swimming and hiking?

Be careful, your knees don’t ever scrape,

Above all, for supper don’t ever be late.

Eat all your food, wipe your plate clean,
Be sure in neat clothes, you’re always seen.

Above all have fun, make another friend,

Before you know it, scout camp will end.

Unless you’re eaten by an army of bugs,

I send you a kiss and plenty of hugs.

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