Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dan and Megan's Trip to Florida

Dan decided on a whim that he'd like to fly down to Papa's for the weekend to catch a Jaguar's game. He thought it would be a good chance to have some special bonding time with Megan. Boy, did she come back spoiled!! Swimming in Papa's pool at night, Atlantic ocean in the morning and the community pool and slide in the afternoon...she must have been shriveled up like a raisin!

Megan reports that Grammy Diane took her out to lunch at the Conch house and they fed the fish bagels and then she ate some fish called Ma hi Ma hi, which she said tasted like chicken. She then went on to report how cool it was that Grammy made dessert for every night after dinner!! (I report that it took an entire week to get her off the sugar high!!)

It certainly created many memories for Megan that will last a lifetime. Thank you Papa and Grammy!

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