Monday, October 1, 2007

Medieval Banquet

"Come on a journey to a moment in time, to a land where kings and queens rule, to proclaim the young prince's birthday, and to eat and drink and drool! There will be noble knights, all brave and bright, and jolly jesters too, a wandering minstrel to sing through the night, all this is just for you! This Medieval banquet is fun for all, and nothing will be left to spare, the town will gather, one and all, we hope you'll all be there!"

Our Community Center held a Medieval Banquet on Saturday night at which Megan was invited to take part as a Page, or one who seats people at the royal feast. As you can see, we all attended in full costume and had a great time. We especially enjoyed the fact that it was "authentic", so no forks were used in the eating of chicken and salad and the cider was poured into steins using buckets and pails! Lauren enjoyed the face painting jesters and the screaming everytime someone mentioned the word Dragon, which seemed to occur quite often to her delight. While Dan enjoyed the royal knight's sword fight with the cheating theif! Megan was glowing all night long as she was also asked to entertain the hungry crowd by dancing amoungst the court with other fair maidens. She came home after a long night of two showings to declare that she wanted to go back and join the drama club who hosted the banquet!! Now that would be a sight to see.

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Tara said...

Oh Dan. I give you a lot of credit. Mike would never do this.