Friday, November 28, 2008


My friend Sue picked me up this morning at 4:15am to initiate me to all that is Black Friday. Now, I'm traditionally an early shopper and this year was no exception. The bulk of my shopping was done and wrapped. On my list was just stocking stuffers and a good deal of "just looking".

When we arrived at Walmart we were approx. 100 people back from the front door and by the time those doors opened, hundreds of other brave soles stood behind us. It was 20 something degrees and we were chilly, but the adrenaline rush when it was "go time" was so invigorating!! The running, the grabbing, the crowds, it was so much fun!

I'll admit to a few impulse purchases but like "the fish that got away", you should have seen the GREAT deals!!!

Yeah, I'm totally hooked!!!

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