Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pumpkin's like going home

This year, we decided to follow the crowds and attend Keene's Pumpkin Festival. For Dan and I, visiting Keene, NH is like going home. It's where we met some 18 (gasp) years ago, fell in love and began our life together. It's where Dan's mom is buried and where some of our fondest memories of adolescence are planted.

For our girls, it's the home of the PUMPKINS...and boy are there a lot of pumpkins...22,586 this year to be exact!

The sheer number of lit jack-o-lanterns is always an amazing sight!

Making our little contribution

Katie enjoyed touching the pumpkins, chasing balloons and warm pumpkin pie!

Lauren enjoyed carving her own pumpkin, face painting and fried dough!

Megan enjoyed the thrill of scoring us a seat in a coveted restaurant amongst the appalling crowds, jumping in the HUGE bounce house and fried onion rings!

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