Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Katelyn's 2nd Birthday

Elmo and frosting...addictions of a two year old!

Katie loves her babies! She wheels them around in strollers and shopping carts (Thanks Grammie and Papa), tucks them into her basinet, feeds them, hugs them, throws them and wakes up calling for them!!
Snuggling with Grammy and Gramps!

Our sweet baby Katelyn is not a baby anymore. It's a mixed emotion for us, since we're happy and relieved to be leaving the all encompassing baby stage, but sad that it was our last baby, last chance to smell that baby smell and dream of what may be...or at least until grandkids!

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MamaBear said...

I understand the frosting addiction. My Sam is the same way.

Do you know a good place to buy doll bottles where you don't have to buy the baby too? I think Julia would love one for her dolls and bears.

Happy Birthday Katelyn!